The Best Ways to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring

multi-color flowers with a white fenceSpring is almost here, and that means the South Carolina weather will soon be heating up. Most likely, your home’s HVAC unit is already a bit tired from keeping you warm during the chilly winter. Now that spring and summer are approaching, you’ll soon be relying on the system once again to keep you comfortable.

However, you can’t depend constantly on your appliances without taking certain measures to alleviate some of the extra strain. Otherwise, you’ll be at risk of your HVAC unit breaking down or declining in performance. Before spring truly kicks into gear, you should ensure that your home’s system is fully prepared for the demands of the upcoming months.

Replace All HVAC Air Filters

To function smoothly during the hottest and coldest times of the year, your HVAC unit relies heavily on having clean air filters. If you let dirty or clogged filters linger once spring arrives, your cooling system will struggle to move cold air around the house. Its components will need to work harder to pull air through the filter, which will waste electricity and disrupt your comfort. Additionally, it will most likely lead to the air you breathe containing a higher concentration of contaminants. Replace your HVAC air filters now. Then, replace them regularly throughout the spring and summer.

Seal Up Any Air Leaks

While your HVAC system is trying to keep your home comfortable over the next few months, air leaks can present a major obstacle. If your home is riddled with leaks, large quantities of your conditioned air will be escaping outside. Your comfort will be affected, and your HVAC unit will need to take on more wear and tear by attempting to compensate for the leaks.

The start of spring is an excellent time to rid your home of its air leaks. You’ll want to search for them along the edges of any windows and doorways throughout the household. Remember, even small leaks can cause problems. If you find any gaps, you can use caulk and weather stripping from your local hardware store to close them tightly.

Schedule Preventative HVAC Maintenance

When is the last time you had your HVAC unit tuned up by a trained technician? If it’s been a while, this spring is a great time to schedule an appointment. If you’re in the Mount Pleasant, SC area, you can always hire our team at HERO Heating & Air to handle your HVAC tune-up. When you do, you can expect to enjoy all of the following household benefits:

  • Improved cooling performance this spring and summer
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Longer system life expectancy

Our HVAC technician will clean out your unit, inspect it for any problems, and leave you with a system that can provide excellent results going forward. What’s more, if we run across any small problems, we can nip them in the bud before they become serious issues.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

Do you ever forget to adjust your thermostat when you leave for work? What about when you go to bed? During these times, you presumably don’t need your HVAC unit to be circulating as much cool air. If you don’t take every opportunity to give the system rest, it can easily lead to it being overworked. A programmable thermostat takes this out of your hands and handles it automatically. You can set the thermostat up so that your HVAC unit only runs when necessary. It can be programmed for a higher temperature during the hours when you’re away at work or under the covers sleeping.

With a smart thermostat, it will be much easier for your HVAC unit to remain efficient and healthy as the weather heats up. You’ll save money on energy, and your comfort will be more consistent. Additionally, all of that extra rest will lead to a longer life expectancy and better long-term results.

At HERO Heating & Air, we’re proud to be a trusted provider of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services for residents of the Mount Pleasant area. With our more than 30 years of industry experience and lifelong roots in the region, you can count on us for top-quality comfort solutions. Whether you need routine maintenance, a quick repair, or a new system installation, we’ll provide you with quality service that’s prompt, affordable, and thorough. If you’d like to make an appointment, give HERO Heating & Air a call today at (843) 258-1237.

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