Making Sure Your Heating System Is Ready for Winter

man cleaning out ductsIn many households, the heating system lies relatively dormant for most of the year, but then when winter arrives, it suddenly starts being depended on nearly all day, every day. Because the average amount of use for a furnace tends to rise drastically during the cold months, it’s crucial to make sure that the appliance is prepared for all of that extra work. Otherwise, its energy efficiency will suffer, and that wear and tear will accumulate rapidly, costing the homeowner a lot of money and hassle. By doing certain things to get your furnace ready for the cold or ‘winterize’ it, you can give yourself a much better chance of having a comfortable and frugal holiday season.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Many homeowners don’t realize how important regular furnace maintenance is, both for keeping the heating system healthy and for saving money on bills. Ideally, you should schedule one of these maintenance tune-ups each year, for the benefits they can offer your household are numerous:

  • More effective heating
  • Lower monthly bills
  • Fewer repair jobs
  • Longer furnace lifespan

The main objective of these tune-ups is to make sure that your heating system is able to effectively heat your household and to do it efficiently. They also allow you to discover potential problems or worn-out parts before they result in a breakdown and keep you from needing to spend money on a pricey repair job. If you expect to be depending on your furnace often this winter, you would be wise to invest in one of these maintenance visits.

Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Without your air ducts, your heating system would have no means of spreading warm air throughout your home. For your furnace to utilize them effectively, though, it’s very important that they’re clean and in good condition. If too much dust, dirt, and other debris are given time to build up inside your ducts, it can cause your heating unit to struggle when attempting to move heat through the household. This will put an unhealthy amount of strain on the appliance and also result in some of those contaminant particles being kicked up into the air that you breathe. At the start of winter, consider bringing in a ductwork professional to give your air ducts a thorough cleaning and also to check for any leaks or damage.

Use a Humidifier

For a furnace to stay healthy throughout the cold season, it’s crucial that it gets periods of rest. This can be achieved by turning the thermostat down. Since you will still need to stay warm, that often means finding other ways to heat up without solely relying on your heating system. One thing that may be forcing you to crank up the thermostat more often is the dryness of your indoor air. When the air gets dry at this time of year, it will make your home feel much colder due to the fact that oxygen needs moisture to transfer heat successfully. When you invest in a humidifier for your house, your air won’t be as dry, and you’ll be able to warm up naturally without needing to strain the furnace.

Change Out the Air Filter

Your heating system comes equipped with a filter, which keeps the furnace from becoming overly dirty or clogged up with dust and debris. The furnace regularly pulls air through the filter before heating it and cycling it through your ductwork and air vents. Those particles of dust and debris don’t just disappear, though, and eventually, the filter will become blocked up with them. Suddenly, your heating system has to work way too hard to pull air through and do its job, and it will begin to burn up excess energy and take on extreme wear and tear. This is an easy issue to avoid, though, as all you need to do is check the filter once a month and switch it out for a new one whenever necessary.

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